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We are a (usually) tranquil haven for two-channel enthusiasts amidst the mediocrity of "lifestyle" and "home theatre" madness, with an emphasis on record playing, valve amplification and, now, computer audio. We don't discriminate between sources, it's the end result which counts.

Our skill in selecting and setting up turntables, arms and pickup cartridges is legendary, as is our servicing of the same. When you deal with us, you speak not to a salesperson but to one of the two proprietors who will be setting up and maintaining your equipment.

As regards digital, we have considerable experience of computer optimisation for audio use. It doesn't have to be expensive, and it makes as bigger difference to sound quality as properly setting up a turntable does with analogue.

We service turntables and valve amps at our London showroom. Priority is given to our regular customers, so it isn't always possible to take on external service work straight away.

Latest Additions

Our newest products are below, but please see what we sell for the full list.

Archon, Lumin, Aurorasound, STST, Soulution and Verity

Please see our News pagepending proper individual pages for these new products.




Computer Audio Design



Stirling Broadcast

Stirling Broadcast LS 3/6

stirling broadcast ls3/6

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity M1 Clic

musical fidelity m1 clic

Marshall Choong Audio
Marshall Choong

marshall choong audio


AMR CD-777

amr cd-777